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Testimonial of Amy Iveson

Just after Thanksgiving, I joined the New Directions non-surgical weight loss program offered by Bon Secours Weight Loss Institute, a very low-calorie high-protein diet consisting of soups, puddings, bars and drinks. Each week in class, I learn about living a healthier lifestyle including exercise, good food choices and eating triggers. While I am still in the reducing stage, these tools will help me maintain my weight loss when I reach the adapting and maintenance phases. My chances of success are greatly enhanced by the dedication of the program physicians, nurses and coordinators. They are supportive, encouraging, knowledgeable and are also rooting for my success.

This morning I wore something I have not been able to wear in several years to an important meeting. It felt good to see and feel the rewards of my efforts and commitment! I am on a journey and this time will be different because I am not choosing fat or skinny; I am choosing healthy!

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