Liver Institute of Virginia

Liver Institute of Virginia

As little as 20 years ago, liver symptoms were difficult to diagnose and effective treatments were few. Today, many liver disorders can be treated and some can even be cured. Various liver medications and other treatments can prevent liver disease from progressing to cirrhosis, prevent liver failure and prevent the need for liver transplantation. They can also result in greater control of disease, higher cure rates and fewer side effects. Treating liver disease has been shown to significantly improve the quality of life for patients and reduce mortality. 

Dr. Mitchell Shiffman, liver specialist and expert on the treatment and care of liver diseases in Virginia, and his medical team have an extraordinary reputation for helping patients living with Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, fatty liver disease, liver cancer and primary biliary liver cirrhosis, as well as other diseases of the liver. In addition to these treatments, Dr. Shiffman and his team offer additional liver health services including:

+ Find out how experts for the Liver Institute of Virginia share their knowledge of HBV and HCV treatment with other health professionals.

Hepatitis C (HCV) Treatment Breakthrough

A breakthrough anti-viral treatment, Sofosbuvir, has been approved by the FDA, thanks in part to the efforts of Dr. Shiffman and the Liver Institute of Virginia. Sofosbuvir is faster and has fewer side effects than previous treatments for the disease. It also holds a higher cure rate of the illness, with about 90 percent of patients cured.

+ Learn about the treatment and Dr. Shiffman's involvement in its creation in this article from the Daily Press, featured in the LA Times Health section.

Though there is now a great treatment option for HCV, many people do not realize they have the disease. Due to missed infections, the Center for Disease Control has recently called for a one-time hepatitis C screening for all members of the "Boomer" Generation, those born from 1945-1965.

About the Liver Institute of Virginia

The Liver Institute of Virginia, a part of the Bon Secours Health System of Virginia, opened for patient care in April 2010. Dr. Mitchell Shiffman, April Long, NP, Amy James, NP, and Phil Alexander, NP are now providing medical care for patients with all forms of acute and chronic liver disease. They also provide care before and following liver transplantation eliminating the need for patients to travel long distances for care at various liver transplant centers.

The mission of the Liver Institute of Virginia is to offer the best and most comprehensive care for patients with liver disease. The Liver Institute is part of special interest group dedicated to promoting the high-quality treatment of liver disease. A leader in the care of patients with liver disease, Mitchell Shiffman, MD and his staff have developed long-standing relationships with pharmaceutical companies and have significant experience in conducting clinical trials to their patients’ benefit. At Liver Institute of Virginia, clinical research positively influences outcomes by providing their patients with potentially highly effective medications that would not be available by prescription for several additional years. 

The staff at the Liver Institute of Virginia present to peer audiences on liver medicine topics, including treatment protocols, chronic liver disease management and pre-transplantation care. Patient education is an equal priority: look for seminars, screenings and The Liver Institute of Virginia's participation in Bon Secours health events


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